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Iodomethyl Pivalate

Iodomethyl pivalate Specification: Iodomethyl pivalate content not less than 97%, Packaging: 25kg/Plastic barrel or by customers' order, Molecular Formula C6H11IO2, Molecular Weight 242.06, CAS Registry Number 53064-79-2, EINECS 258-339-7

Product Introduction

Our company produces and supplies iodomethyl pivalate content not less than 97% of iodomethyl pivalate all year round, and the general packaging is a blue plastic drum with a net content of 25Kg, our company can customize packaging and specifications according to customer orders; Welcome new and old users from all over the world to call to communicate and negotiate specific needs, determine the specific price, packaging details, logistics methods and other specific cooperation requirements of iodomethyl pivalate when you call to negotiate, and agree on relevant details in the contract, so that we can better serve you. Hebei Liye Chemical Co., Ltd. produced iodomethyl pivalate ester good quality, high purity, stable quality, strict inspection, timely delivery, attentive service, we look forward to relying on stable product quality and intimate service to win the recognition and trust of users! Iodomethyl pivalate is not only an important new excipient of the third-generation oral cephalosporin ceftulum cilexetil, ceftamimetrol, cefzoxime ester, cefteram neopentyl ester, cefzoxime propimate, but also an intermediate for oral cephalosporins CS-020, cefacarpine ester, and the oral carbapenem antibiotic tibipenem pivo for the treatment of acute and chronic upper respiratory tract infections and the nucleotide drug adefovir for the treatment of hepatitis B new generation antivirals, but also used as an excipient in foreign countries for the anti-AIDS drug zidovudine, Stevudine and intermediates of sulbactampidate for the treatment of leukemia, meningitis and tyrosine kinase inhibitors 1,4-disubstitute-1,2,3-triazole for the treatment of leukemia. Foreign countries are mainly exported to the United States, India, South Korea, Japan, customers mainly include the United States Pfizer, Japan Meiji, Japan Kanmatsu, etc., domestic are mainly Harbin medicine, stone medicine, Chinese medicine, Qilu, federal, Haizheng, Fukang pharmaceutical and other antibiotic and antibacterial pharmaceutical enterprises.
Name  iodomethyl pivalate

Iodomethyl Pivalate

Molecular Structure iodomethyl pivalate; iodomethyl pivalate; iodomethyl pivalate::::::�ӽṹʽ

Molecular Formula  C6H11IO2
Molecular Weight  242.06
CAS Registry Number  53064-79-2
EINECS  258-339-7
Specification: Iodomethyl pivalate content not less than 97%
Packaging: 25kg/Plastic barrel or by customers' order

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