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crotonic anhydride

Name:crotonic anhydride Synonyms:2-Butenoicacid,anhydride; anhydridkyselinykrotonove; crotonicacidanhydride; CROTONICANHYDRIDE; 2-butenoicanhydride; TRANS-2-BUTENOICANHYDRIDE; 2-Butensureanhydrid; CROTONSAEUREANHYDRID Molecular Formula:C8H10O3,Molecular Weight:154.16,CAS Number:623-68-7, EINECS:210-807-1, Specification: Crotonic anhydride content not less than 97%, Packaging: 25kg/Plastic barrel, 25kg/Plastic barrel or by customers' order

Product Introduction

Our company produces and supplies crotonic anhydride with a content of ≥ 79% all year round, and the general packaging is a net content of 25Kg/blue plastic drum, 200Kg/blue plastic drum, our company can customize packaging and specifications according to customer orders; Welcome new and old users from all over the world to call to discuss specific needs, determine the specific price, packaging details, logistics methods and other specific cooperation requirements of crotonic anhydride when you call to negotiate, and agree on relevant details in the contract, so that we can better serve you. Hebei Liye Chemical Co., Ltd. production of croton anhydride good quality, high purity, stable quality, strict inspection, timely delivery, attentive service, we look forward to relying on stable product quality and intimate service to strive for long-term recognition and trust of users! Crotonic anhydride, also known as 2-butenoic anhydride, belongs to organic chemical intermediates, is an important pharmaceutical intermediate, pesticide intermediate, dye intermediate, cosmetic raw material, surfactant raw material. 2-Butenoic anhydride is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material for pharmaceutical antibacterial drugs and sulfonamides; 2-Butenoic anhydride is widely used as an intermediate for fur dyes and reactive dyes in the dye industry; 2-Butenoic anhydride can be used as a raw material for dyes and rubber antioxidants; 2-Butenoic anhydride can be used to prepare butenoic acid fiber; For the preparation of synthetic resins, plasticizers, drugs, 2-butenoic anhydride can also be used for the organic synthesis of high-end cosmetics such as skin creams, conditioners, shampoos, creams and other additives; 2-Butenoic anhydride can also be used in the synthesis of coal dye, hair dye, color developer, epoxy resin curing agent, petroleum additives, etc.
Name:crotonic anhydride 


Molecular Structu:re:methyl-3-methyl-2-butenoate

Molecular Formula:C8H10O3 Molecular Weight:154.16 CAS Registry Number:623-68-7 EINECS:210-807-1 Specification: Crotonic anhydride content not less than 97% Packaging: , 25kg/Plastic barrel, 200kg/Plastic barrel or by customers' order We are crotonic anhydride manufacturers, crotonic anhydride suppliers from china, crotonic anhydride manufacturer china, china crotonic anhydride manufacturer, crotonic anhydride exporters. We suppliers for crotonic anhydride. The crotonic anhydride from our production has a high purity and stable and good quality, it is being sold to the whole world. For any cooperation on this product, your phone call or visit are always welcome. We produced the crotonic anhydride complete specifications, reliable quality, reasonable price and selling the world. For any cooperation on crotonic anhydride, your email or phone call are always welcome.

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